There will be a MANDATORY parent meeting on Tuesday night, August 5th at 7:30 pm in the Foley High School cafeteria. This meeting is mandated by the AHSAA and each student-athlete must be represented by at least one parent/guardian. This meeting is for parents of football players in grades 9-12.

The Beginning

C6C1A314-D4E2-4AD0-BE15-FA5E1D2FE1F1Spring training for the Foley High School football team has kicked off and it’s officially time to admit that spring sports are here. It seemed like just a short time ago that the team was marching back home from the huge win in Prattville in the 1st round of the playoffs. After the successful playoff run, its finally time to start focusing on the upcoming season. 

Some major part of discussion coming into this year is replacing key seniors who are going to graduate. The offense lost their best receiver to West Alabama when Demarcus Bingham signed just a few weeks ago. A loss like that has the power to affect the whole team in different ways. With 3 offensive linemen having to be replaced, questions about the offensive system come into play. 

With such good receiver and linemen play, Foley made the shotgun spread look easy. WR Wendell Harris and Johnny Williams will be expected to fill key roles. From watching a spring training session, it is easy to say that the offensive line shrunk in size. But it may not be a necessary bad thing. Luckily, Foley still has two up-coming senior running backs in Isaiah Lewis and Chris Shepard. With these two still suiting up, it makes way for an easy transition to a possible flex option if Foley wanted to choose that path. 

Strong quarterback play will be a necessity. Coming off a strong 2013 season with over 20 passing touchdowns, QB Tyler Cameron will be expected to play efficiently. He has the opportunity to take his game to the next level this season and coaches have recognized that.  

Along with the offense, the defense will have to adapt to graduating players. From personally watching the defense in the first days of spring training, it looks to be even more efficient than in the past. There are some questions concerning the safety position, but the Corner position seems to be locked up with Up-coming Senior Trevor Carvin, and Junior Jarrett Powell. 

“Even through the changes, we still are all playing the same game as last year”, says star senior linebacker Jalen Henry during a sit down interview. “It might not be easy, but we can make it happen with some hard work”. 

With dedication and certain players filling key roles, this Foley team could really surprise people with the talent that they have on the roster. After all, this team expects expects nothing less. 

Daniel Hunt is a columnist for BleacherReport and the Sports editor of the Foley High School Newspaper staff.